“Karen was there for me when I needed someone the most. I was admitted to the hospital three times in a month. The hospital was in-network, but many of the doctors attending to me were not. That resulted in huge medical bills. Because of her thorough preparation in the appeal process, the insurance company waived off the entire out-of-network charges – everything! What a relief. I would absolutely recommend her.” – S.M., California

“If you need assistance with any medical billing or any related issues, you should have someone who knows what needs to be done, is able to speak insurance language and can represent you. Without Karen I would have been trying to accomplish something on my own in a field which I don’t understand.” – B.S., Washington

“Very thorough and organized! The average patient and family have almost no idea what to do with all of the mounting bills, statements, phone calls and all the other paperwork that keeps bombarding them.” – B.B., Washington

“Karen will remain my go-to person for medical bills into the future. Her efforts and all-around expertise are phenomenal.” – S.R., Washington

“We secured a resounding victory: we’re getting reimbursed and won’t have to pay the extra amount they kept billing us! Your advocacy really paid off!” A.W., Washington

“You are my insurance therapist!” – C.S., California

“Very helpful, money well spent to understand my situation.” – K.P., Washington

“Thank you so much for easing our minds. Also thank you for the very helpful resources. If I ever get to meet you in person, I am hoping you are not opposed to hugs.” – F.M., Washington

“This is just the help we needed at just the right time.” – B.R., Washington

“Karen, you have been beyond assurance for my mother’s piece of mind.” – L.E., Nevada

“I want to thank you again. Dealing with insurance companies with no background or training is like spitting into the wind!” B.J., Oregon

“Your customer service and communication is over-the-top wonderful.” – E.R., Washington

“I am so relieved that I found someone like you who truly understands exactly how the healthcare system works. This is impossible to do on my own.” – A.I., Washington

“Without finding you I would be so overwhelmed and stressed. I told my hospital roommate all about you.” – C.G., Oregon

“We thank you SO much for all of your help in finding the right person and sending off the letter that helped us take care of things. Now the amount to pay off is out of the completely daunting realm and into just biting our nails. That’s an incredible relief.”  – L.D., Washington

“A huge Thank You for your diligence and professionalism!” – M.T., Washington

“It has been valuable to see the entire situation. I did not know most of what you found out, it was very beneficial for me to hire you to figure it all out. I was not able to see the facts. That is all I needed.” – C.M., Oregon

“Big weight off my shoulders! Thanks again for your help.” – A.M., Montana

“After avoiding some major medical bills for some time, Karen provided the support and structure I needed to finally fight back. She was kind, thorough, and competent in every way — the exact opposite of the medical insurance industry. She lifted the weight off my shoulders and was the advocate I needed. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.” – M.H., Washington

“Some reasons I adore Karen as an advocate: Her experience and knowledge of health insurance – more than anyone has ever given me! Karen is willing to go through all the painful dirty work. She takes time to understand the patient and family and to educate them. Karen connects the dots.” – L.R., Washington

“Practical info that really helps navigate the systematic evisceration we call healthcare insurance.” – R.K., New York

“Karen has done a fantastic job shepherding my family through the insurance process and continues to make sure we are on track. She is the reason I can now sleep soundly at night… thank you! Karen, you get a backstage pass to the worst time in people’s lives which is not something most humans can handle and you do it incredibly well.”  – F.L. California

“Karen’s knowledge and skills resulted in an outcome that was better than I could have
imagined. I had a billing dispute for $10,000 dollars and somehow she was able to reduce the bill to zero. We were able to communicate with each other completely online, which means people from all over the country can take advantage of her skills.” – T.W., Washington

“Healthcare is just so confusing and exhausting. When I needed help understanding what my dad was going through (working remotely with limited access to information and resources), KazAdvocate helped. A Lot. Not only was Karen capable of translating “insurance-speak” and “med-speak”, she has an awesome sense of humor–something desperately needed when navigating this labyrinth.” – S.S., Washington

“I am dropping the phrase “I’m working with a patient advocate” somewhere in each of my conversations and each time I do I can hear hospital staff sit up a little straighter in their chairs. Karen, you are a rock star.” – L.D., Virginia

“I am very thankful for the help you provided me with at such a stressful time.” – L.H., Washington

“You have been of such help to me.  For the first time in many months I have slept easier knowing that these bills are finally being tackled. ” – J.W., Virginia

“Your help for my family member has made a huge difference for him to finally feel that he may be on the other side of this horrible time. Worry over extraordinary medical bills had taken a huge toll. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say you’ve given him his life back.”  – P.K., Washington DC 

“Thanks for using your power so amusingly. Thanks for your knowledgeable help most of all. Worth every penny.” – P.K., Oregon

“I’m still so grateful for all the help you gave me in a difficult time for my family (3 years ago).” – B.J., Oregon

“Thank you very much for all your help and care, I appreciate how helpful you have been in providing this knowledge, links, and support.” – M.S., Vancouver, Canada

“Appreciate you helping me plow through a fairly daunting list of required documents, happy to get resolution and reimbursement.” D.W., Washington

“Enlisting you to take care of this for us is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! It’s been so great not to have to worry that we’ll be on the hook for $50K or $60K or whatever that initial bill said.” L.K., New York

“You are really good at your (very important) job and we really appreciate you!” B.M., California

“I learned more in our phone conversation than all the hours I’ve put into researching things online, talking to friends, etc. Talking to somebody familiar with my health plan and the hospital specifically was invaluable. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that and to offer genuine honest advice.” K.W., Oregon

“Your expertise has been worth every penny, so thank you for your guidance and being an objective sounding board while we worked through our treatment options.” T.L., Washington

“Thank you for giving me the confidence to continue pushing against what seemed like a conglomerate corporate giant.” – B.S., Vancouver, Canada

“You helped us immeasurably in a time that was incredibly difficult. I also appreciate you continuing to think of us by sending follow up information.” – M.B., Washington