Let’s make sure we are a good match.

Are you seeking any of the following services for yourself or others?

  • Contesting claims denied as out-of-network.
  • Reducing doctor or hospital bills with inflated charges.
  • Comparing health insurance plans to ensure optimal care.

Do you need to better understand health insurance bills and claims? I can:

  • Translate your Explanation of Benefits and billing statements.
  • Explain the rules of your insurance plan to maximize benefit coverage.
  • Prepare claims appeals if your insurer denies payment.

I can help navigate other health care mazes:

  • Recommend ways to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Act as a communication resource for family and friends, to the extent that you want them involved.
  • Research and recommend resources or health insurance options for aging parents.

What type of support do you need?

Contact Me for an initial phone or Zoom consultation (up to 20 minutes), free of charge. I will provide free follow up services, up to one hour, if you donate to a health research or patient support group (on the honor system, let me know which one). Services are nationwide for clients with any commercial (employer-sponsored or individual policy) or Medicare plan.

Self-Advocacy Workshops

I do presentations in Seattle and San Diego about navigating health care, how to  better communicate with health care providers, and other topics. Contact Me to discuss.