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What to Do When Your Insurer Won’t Cover Free Preventive Care

On 1/17/19 Consumer Reports highlighted a common problem: insured patients expect that their screening mammograms and colonoscopies are free, then get bills for diagnostic care. I’m quoted in the article and have personally experienced this kind of “bait and switch.”

Patient Advocates Can Save Your Money – And Your Life

HBO VICE News Tonight promoted patient advocacy with fresh insight. This 7-minute segment aired nationally on 6/26/18 with more than 10,000 views so far. I’m honored to be featured along with other advocates and clients – and also my cat Randy.

How To Negotiate a Medical Bill offers practical advice on a range of topics. My tips, along suggestions from other experts,  recommend how to lower your medical bills. Check your bills carefully and use other sources to determine if the prices are fair.

Buyer Beware: Medical Bill Nearly Tripled

KING 5, the NBC affiliate in Seattle, ran a series of “Buyer Beware” stories about medical billing and consumer awareness.

Politics and Drug Prices

A Seattle news spot that probed healthcare cost issues. I tried to be diplomatic about our government’s interest in prescription drug pricing. Will it go beyond political posturing?

Insulin Prices Roughly Double Since 2012

KING 5 Seattle ran an excellent series of interviews about soaring prescription drug prices. Resources to lower costs by comparison shopping are listed in the online section.

Where There’s a Bill . . . There’s a Way

ICD, CPT, EOB . . . acronyms designed to confuse. The Pacific Northwest Inlander published a helpful article about how to make sure your hospital bill is fair and accurate — and avoid overpaying.