Karen Vogel


Karen has two Master’s degrees in the healthcare field and is licensed by Washington State as an insurance “producer,” which requires continual updates on insurance principles, ethics and regulations. She is well versed in the inner workings and jargon of medical care and health insurance. Following a 30-year career in education, program management and account management, she became a patient advocate in 2016. Karen received certification in the first national exam process to become a Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) in April 2018.

As an expert, she has been featured on HBO VICE News Tonight and quoted in several articles pertaining to insurance. She authored a book about her father’s life, Sid’s Story: A Father-Daughter Journey, offering tips and resources for seniors and their families to navigate complex healthcare issues.

Based in Seattle and San Diego, Karen enjoys outdoor activities, travel, volunteering and multi-tasking.


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