COVID-19 Costs – What Will Insurance Cover?

If you are dealing with COVID-19 concerns, check your insurance coverage – frequently. Things are changing rapidly.  Washington State’s insurance plans are leading the movement to waive deductibles and out-of-pocket costs not just for testing, but for treatment. Major health insurers in Washington state are waiving co-pays and costs for coronavirus patients. Telehealth (a virtual encounter by phone or computer) reimbursement policies are also changing to adopt to everyone’s needs to reduce physical contact. Some States have reopened enrollment for subsidized health insurance for those who have lost coverage. Don’t make assumptions about your costs, confirm and document every interaction! Insurance plans vary widely with benefits and exclusions, requiring vigilance to protect yourself financially.

This pandemic brings into sharp relief our awareness about already existing concerns with surprise billings, out-of-network care, hidden charges — these are not new issues. Now more than ever, read the fine print, push back if something doesn’t seem right, keep yourself updated. Seek help if you’re unable to get answers. It’s smart to wash your hands, it’s also wise to watch your wallet.

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