Open Enrollment Thoughts

insurance cartoon
Credit: The New Yorker

Get ready to scrutinize your choices! The timeframe to review and select health insurance is short for coverage starting next year. Whether you select a plan yourself, use a broker, or hire a patient advocate, it’s important to make sure you make a selection that is a good fit. Don’t assume everything stays the same; benefits are revised every year. You may receive a letter from your current insurer about changes, most importantly about how much your premium will be each month.

If you have Medicare, open enrollment begins on October 15 and closes on December 7. If you have a commercial plan (individual, State/Federal marketplace) open enrollment runs from November 1 to December 15. Some States have extensions.

As an independent advocate, I offer a thorough, customized assessment and neutral recommendations with no allegiance to companies or commissions. If you have a complicated situation it makes sense to get an outside review. Note: I’m WA State-licensed as a “producer” to keep up with industry nuances; I do not actively sell policies.

Here’s my Facebook Live presentation filmed with a local broker to explain how to survive open enrollment season. This video was sponsored by the Washington State Health Advocacy Association. Open Enrollment Tips

Contact me if you would like to learn more about your options.

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