Sid’s Story: A Father-Daughter Journey

I wrote a book! Actually my Dad wrote it – over 22 years, and then I added my perspective. It’s available on Amazon in electronic and paperback format. All proceeds go to charity to support seniors and patient advocacy.

Sid’s Story: A Father-Daughter Journey is a poignant, funny and insightful diary about the challenges of aging from two generational perspectives. Sid Vogel, age 95, typed an autobiography started 22 years earlier, sharing his Brooklyn childhood, WWII military experience, telecommunications career and suburban family memories. Karen Vogel, his daughter, chose to blog the challenges of being a parental caregiver over Sid’s last decade. As a professional patient advocate, Karen offers tips and resources for others going through this common, yet often tumultuous transition. Sid and Karen intertwine their stories to make you smile, tear up, and ultimately celebrate the messiness of aging in America.

Please let me know your thoughts and reactions if you read the book, and thank you!

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